Email and templates | 7 November 2022
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How does the column block work in a template?


In Tribe CRM, we use blocks in templates, campaigns and web forms. Each block has its own unique properties. In this article, you can read more about how to work with column blocks. Want more information about templates? Then click here.

  1. What is a column block?
  2. How do I add a column block?
  3. What settings are there?

1 What is a column block?

A column block allows you to work with multiple blocks side by side. For example, think of a signature where you want to show a logo next to the contact details. You can work with a maximum of 6 columns. These can also be added later.

2 How do I add a column block?

Add a column block
Add a column block by clicking + in the template layout and choosing Columns in the Layout Elements section.

Adding a column block in Tribe CRM

In the next screen, you can choose a column layout.

Adding content to the columns
After you have added the columns, you can add content to the columns. To do this, click the + (1) in a column and add blocks. This works in the same way as adding blocks in the template. You can add multiple blocks per column. In the example below, we have used a column block containing a logo block and a text block in which merge fields are used.

Adding content to a column block in a template in Tribe CRM

3 What settings are there?

Changing settings of columns
The moment you work with columns, you have to deal with several settings.

  1. You can adjust the number of columns by clicking on column block (click outside the inner columns). You can click Reset if you made a mistake and want to go back to the original settings.
  2. You can adjust the settings of the inner columns by clicking on them. You can adjust the width of a column by sliding the dot to the left or right or by entering a percentage. The other columns will then automatically become narrower or wider. Reset can also be used here.

Adjusting column settings in a template in Tribe CRM

Grouping and vertical alignment

  1. You can group the contents of a column block. The advantage of this is that the content remains fixed and cannot jump.
  2. It is possible to vertically align the column content to the top, middle or bottom. This is also possible in the inner columns.

Grouping and vertical alignment of a column in Tribe CRM

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