General | 7 November 2022
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Explanation of licences and account page


On the account settings page, you can view and change your organisation’s Tribe CRM subscription details. You can upgrade your edition yourself, increase the number of licences, expand modules and links, change your invoicing data and, if necessary, cancel your account. Very easy and you control everything yourself.

  1. How do I open the account settings?
  2. What data is on the Account Settings page?
  3. How do I add licences?
  4. How do I link a colleague to a licence?
  5. What do I do when a colleague leaves service?
  6. How do I cancel my Tribe CRM account?

1 How do I open the account settings?

  1. At the top right of the Tribe CRM screen, click on your organisation’s logo.
  2. Click Account settings.

Open account settings on Tribe CRM

2 What data is on the account settings page?

The following details are visible on the account settings page

  • Edition: This shows the edition you have selected. The options are Tribe and the extended edition Tribe Creator. Here you can customise your edition yourself.
  • Expand number of users: Here you can see the number of users (licences) you are using. It is possible to expand the number here.
  • Expand modules: In this section, you can see which modules and links are activated for your organisation. You can remove or add modules yourself here.
  • Manage user licences: Here the number of licences (users) are visible and employees can be disconnected from a licence. When a licence is disconnected, the employee can no longer log into Tribe CRM. Automatically renewing a licence is on by default. When you no longer need a licence, you can stop auto-renewal. This licence will no longer be invoiced in the next licence period. Until then, the licence can still be used.
  • Billing details: The billing details are visible and editable here.
  • Cancellation: Should Tribe CRM not bring you what you expected from it you can cancel your account here, no matter how sorry we are.

Please note!
These are not your own organisation details. The organisation data can be modified at organisations > own organisations

3 How do I add licences?

Adding one or more licences is very easy. To do this, navigate to the Expand Number of Users section. This section shows how many users you currently have and until when they have been paid.

  1. Enter the number of users you want to expand with.
  2. Click Expand account.

Expanding the number of users in Tribe CRM

Did you know?

Any additions will be charged directly for the rest of the year? The amount charged is prorated. For example, if half a year has already passed since you paid, another half year will be charged for the addition.

4 How to link a colleague to a licence

Colleagues can be linked to a licence by inviting them to Tribe CRM. That way, they will receive an e-mail with a link to the programme, allowing them to set up their own username and password. The article How do I invite colleagues provides more information on this.

5 What do I do when a colleague leaves the company?

When a colleague leaves the company, it is important to disconnect the colleague from the licence to block access to Tribe CRM, making the licence available to other users again. Navigate to the Manage User Licences section on the Account Settings page and click the cross behind the name of the colleague who is leaving service.

Disconnecting employee from a licence in Tribe CRM

When deleting the name, this person can no longer log in, but the employee and all related information will remain. If the licence will not be needed in the future, you can slide Automatically renew to the left, then the licence will not be automatically renewed in the next billing period.

Besides disconnecting the employee from the licence, it is also useful to turn on Former for this employee. Once this is on, the employee is no longer visible in the views.

6 How do I cancel my Tribe CRM account?

We obviously prefer you to stay part of our Tribe for as long as possible, but we also want to make it easy for you if you want to cancel.

In the Expand Number of Users section, you can see until when you paid. If you cancel Tribe, you will still have access to Tribe CRM until that date.

How do I cancel my Tribe CRM account?

Click Cancel Account to cancel your account.